■ Own factory 5000 square meters

■ own production equipment

■ Test equipment

■ to build China B-band high-end products

■ et the world fall in love with Chinese manufacturing enterprises

■ Many product patents

More than 11 years experience in the design and production of B mesh
According to customer requirements delivery products
We are a research and development, production and sales as one of the integrated enterprise
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Shandong Mingrun Wire Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Ningjin Flat-flex Belts Industry) is situated in a famous scenic and historical country of Ningjin, Dezhou City with convenient transportation access. It enjoys an geographical advantage : closes to the exit of the Debin expressway, 120 miles from Jinan international airport, and 50 miles from Dezhou East Railway Station. After more than ten years of hard work, the company has developed into the largest manufacture of flat-flex belts in China...

Core Products

The Solar Mesh Belt

product nameThe Solar Mesh Belt
category:The Solar Mesh Belt
Product Advantage:our company is specialized in producing various types of flat flex belts, which can be used in baking, battering, breading, cooling, enrobing....

The Stainless Steel Flat-flex Belt
The Sintering Furnace Belt

The Heat-resistant Belt

Reliable quality              
High quality products account to
99.9% for 11 years.                                                     

Technical strength

Design and produce a number of products by the corporation itself Patient design, patient number

Company strength

An integrated enterprise with research, production and sales combined together A great international Co packer

Reasonable price

Produced directly by the company. Save cost spent on middlemen.

common problem

Q  : Whatfactors should be carefully considered when choosing the solar mesh belt?

A : The delivery capability, bearing capability, heat-resistance ability, and its life span should be taken into full consideration. These are detailed introduction of the four aspects.

1, Delivery capability: If your belts are used to transfer mineral orheavy metal, it’s better to choose those of microgroove. Besides, theaccessories of the edge should be converted from chains and gears.

2, Bearing capability: Density of belts should be consideredwhen you are choosing belts to deliver vegetables, food or other productsrequiring low bearing capacity. Otherwise, you need to consider adding densityand edges.

3,Heat-resistance ability: It depends on demands of drier of belts. You can chooseproducts with good resistance to heat like stainless steel 314.

4,Life span: It depends on what products your belts are going to work on.Different work require belts of different density, material, convention ofedges.

Q:How to measure and apply extensibility of belts?

A:Though stainless steel is hard, it also has elongation after being stretchedfor many times. And it is measurable.

Thestainless steel belt must be cleaned before they are tested in case dirtpollutes the equipment. Circle your stainless steel belt on a sprocket andsupport the upper and lower part of the belt. Keep the belt still for oneminute under the state of being stretched with a minimal 1/3 force. Then addregulated loads on the belt, making sure the upper and lower parts of the beltare in tension, and the belts and sprockets are connected normally. At last,you need to test the length between the two sprockets. You can use thestainless steel belt appropriately according to their elongation.

Q:How to choose heat-resistance belts?

A: Flat surface, high rigidity, good corrosion resistance, goodtoughness, good ventilation, not easy to deformation and durable in use are

characteristics users need to focus on.

The main material of this belt: carbon steel, galvanized wire, springsteel wire, stainless steel resistant to corrosion and high temperature(304,310,310S,314,316,316L,430) A3 mildsteel, 45# steel, 1Cr13 heat-resistance steel, 201 stainless steel, 304stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Tistainless steel, 0Cr18Ni14NO2CU2heat and acid resistant steel.

Thelife of an enterprise lies in the product, and the product its quality. Becausewe have the first-class talents, advanced techniques and scientific management,our products sell well all over the country. This year, we invest more onbreaking new ground. As a result, we have build a national market pattern whichcenters on Shandong and Hebei. Based on the principle of “quality first,customers standing paramountcy, reputation goes first, and honesty oriented”,we keep moving forward.  

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